Pleated Filter Cartridges

Pleated filter cartridges consist of pleated media which increases the overall filtration area of the filter. The increased filtration area leads to increased dirt-holding capacity and higher efficiency. Also, the increased filtration area leads to longer life, less frequent clogging, and hence lesser downtime.


A full range of paint shop-related filters is available with us.

Applicationsa) Liquid filtration: Hydraulic oils, Water glycol, Emulsions, Water, Flushing fluids, Fuels etc.
b) Air filtration: Blower Air Suction, Vacuum pump suction, Dust collection, Exhaust air etc, air breather, compressed air,
Media1.  Wire mesh,
2. Impregnated Cellulose Paper,
3. Synthetic woven,
4. Synthetic nonwoven,
5. Micro glass fibre,
6. Polypropylene melt blown, etc.
Special coatings/laminationsHydrophobic, Oleo phobic, Hydrophilic, Fire retardant, Antistatic, PTFE etc.
Support PartsPlated steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastics etc.
Gasket/sealsCAF, PTFE, Rubbers (Natural, nitrile, viton, sponge etc.), felt, foam etc.
SizeAny practical size can be supplied.
Micron rating range1 micron and greater*. 

*Finer can also be supplied based on the application.