Paintshop Related Filters

Paint shop requires filters at various stages. AHU Filters and ceiling filters ensure the supply of dust-free air. Whereas exhaust mist filters ensure that the harmful paint mist is trapped before releasing the air back into the atmosphere. Filters are also required for the filtration of the paint as well as at the various pretreatment stages. This full range of filters is available with us


ApplicationsInlet air, ceiling filters, exhaust mist, paint filtration, powder coating dust collection, oven air, pre-treatment fluids, shot blasting dust collection etc.
Media1. HDPE.
2. Polyester felt
3. Cellulose based evaporative cooling pads
4. Polyester hi-loft media with filtration class G1 to F5
5. Duplex paper
6. Fibre glass wool
7. Metallic baffles
8. Glass fibre
9. SS mesh
10. Synthetic nonwoven
11. Nylon mesh
12. Synthetic woven
13. HEPA media etc
Support partsPlated Steel, Stainless Steel, Plastics, etc.
SizeAny practical size can be supplied.
Micron rating rangeG1 to H14* 

*Finer can also be supplied based on the application.