Wound/Moulded Type Filter Cartridges

A range of different types of wound cartridges across a variety of media in standard sizes is easily available. This allows us to select appropriate cartridges and media combinations around operating conditions and applications


Wound filters are graded density depth filters. The outer coarser layers give way to more denser inner layers. There are different types of wound cartridges with a vast variety of media to choose from based on the application. These are available in standard sizes.

ApplicationsWater, ETP/STP, machining oils, emulsions, washing fluids, etc.
Media1. Yarn wound: Cotton yarn, Polypropylene yarn, Polyester yarn, Fibre glass yarn etc.
2. Felt wrap: Nonwoven polyester felt, Nonwoven polypropylene felt, Cotton woven etc.
3. Melt blown: Polypropylene, Polyester
4. Fibre Moulded – Bonded cellulose fibres, bonded cellulose fibres with melamine resin.
5. Sintered – Ceramic, Polypropylene, Bronze, Stainless Steel etc.
Centre coreCoreless, stainless steel, polypropylene, PVC etc.
SizeInner diameter: 25 mm/28 mm/30 mm
Outer diameter: 63 mm/70 mm/90* mm/100* mm
Length: 250 mm/500 mm/ 750 mm/ 1000 mm
Micron rating range5 micron and greater**


*Only available in yarn wound and felt wrap
*Finer can also be supplied based on the application**