Filter Elements

  • Air Panel Filters
    Air panel filters with heavy metal frames and adequately supported media, allow rough and heavy use. These filters are designed to accommodate a maximum number of pleats, ensuring a larger filtration area and hence better filtration efficiency and longer life.
  • Fabricated Items
    Our strength is an in-house fabrication set-up. We design, manufacture, and assemble long-lasting, rugged, and durable baskets, and cages to support bag filers, coolant panel filters, strainers, etc in any required shape and size
  • Filter Bags
    We have a vast variety of high-quality media to choose from, based on the application and operating conditions. We have state of the art imported machinery for tubular triple-needle stitching, circular stitching etc. Enabling us to provide highly efficient and rugged bags for the best performance and long life.
  • Filter Belts
    A range of cleanable belts instead of disposable filter fabrics is a green solution to reduce environmental impact. These belts with clippers/zippers at both ends and overlapping flaps ensure leak-free joints. This is further reinforced with multi-fab-2ply ribbons for proper sealing.
  • Fine Filters
    Fine filters are pleated and have multiple layers. This ensures maximum pre-filtration and enhanced longevity of the filter along with a very low initial pressure drop. They are available in media like Cellulose, Micro glass, Polyester, Polypropylene, etc.
  • Indigenization of original filters
    We provide one-to-one replacements for filter brands like Hydac, Pall, Rexroth, EPE, Mahle, Taisei Kogyo, Parker, MP Filtri, Schroeder, Masuda, etc. The media used are sourced from reputed international and local manufacturers like Lydall, H&V, etc. to assure reliable performance. We guarantee equivalent or better performance with an overall cost advantage.
  • Mist Filters
    Mist is a significant pollutant on the shop floor with serious health consequences. A range of mist filters for multi-stage filtration systems ensures worker safety and reduces health hazards.
  • Paintshop Related Filters
    Paint shop requires filters at various stages. AHU Filters and ceiling filters ensure the supply of dust-free air. Whereas exhaust mist filters ensure that the harmful paint mist is trapped before releasing the air back into the atmosphere. Filters are also required for the filtration of the paint as well as at the various pretreatment stages. This full range of filters is available with us
  • Pleated Filter Cartridges
    Pleated filter cartridges consist of pleated media which increases the overall filtration area of the filter. The increased filtration area leads to increased dirt-holding capacity and higher efficiency. Also, the increased filtration area leads to longer life, less frequent clogging, and hence lesser downtime.