Air Panel Filters

Air panel filters with heavy metal frames and adequately supported media, allow rough and heavy use. These filters are designed to accommodate a maximum number of pleats, ensuring a larger filtration area and hence better filtration efficiency and longer life.


ApplicationsAHU, Paint shop, Oven, Clean room, Radiator, Control panel, Furnace etc.
Media1. HDPE woven
2. Nonwoven polyester felt
3. Nonwoven polypropylene felt
4. Stainless steel mesh
5. GI mesh
6. Aluminum mesh
7. Micro glass media
8. HEPA media
9. Glass fibre wool
10. Glass fibre woven etc.
11. Polyester hi-loft
12. Resin impregnated cellulose based paper
Support partsRod support, GI mesh, Al mesh, Al corrugation, Al spacers, GI expanded sheet, SS mesh etc.
FrameGI, MS + painted, stainless steel etc.
SizeAny practical size can be supplied.
Filter ClassG1 to H14*  

*Finer can be supplied based on application