From serving one company and one industry to embracing all; from developing a few types of filters to designing the entire array of filters and filtration systems; from using one medium to exploring and adopting the entire gamut of media and materials; from a modest few enterprising individuals’ company to creating employment for many, Panchsheel has been living the “Make in India” dream way ahead of its time. 



As a pioneering filtration company in India, Panchsheel has set the benchmark for quality and service since 1987. The company was founded by a seasoned IIT and Stanford alumnus with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and it benefits from technically competent leadership for new filtration system designs and development. The 75 years of cumulative hands-on experience of the directors in the development and design of filtration systems has been the best teacher in the super-niche filtration business.

This is bolstered further by full-service R & D and testing facilities. Extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities and deep-rooted connections for the development and procurement of a wide array of filtration media are the secret ingredients that make all the difference. Little wonder, the company emerges as the best option for most companies after filtering out the rest of the Indian competition. It is, indeed, by design, a one-stop-shop for all filtration solutions.

॥ काकः कृष्णः पिकः कृष्णः
को भेदुः पिककाकयोः ।
वसन्तकाले संप्राप्ते
काकः काकः पिकः पिकः॥

This extract from the Sanskrit Subhashitani (ethical advice), a collection of ancient wisdom in poetic form demonstrates how the test of time allows purity to shine through. It is during trying times that Panchsheel Filters will stand apart. This verse has been our bedrock and our inspiration since the beginning.

Having served and grown with leading companies in India for over 30 years, Panchsheel is an organic Indian answer to the world of filters and filtration. Panchsheel was amongst the pioneers of indigenized filtration specialists. From operating out of 400 sq. feet in 1987, the then bootstrapped Panchsheel is now spread across 14,000 sq. feet, offering filtration solutions for shop-floor applications to engineering industries with the widest variety of filter media. Virtually eliminating the need for imported filters and filtration systems, Panchsheel guarantees quality with in -house, state-of-the-art testing and free monitoring. Not only do Panchsheel’s filters reduce downtime, wasted man-hours, and inventory; the cost difference with imported filters- in cases, as much as 90%, also promises unbelievably low operating and replacement costs. The 30+ year relationship with SKF India Ltd., the first customer, is proof of lasting relationships and quality. Cutting across industries and businesses organizations like the Bajaj Auto group, Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd., Bharat Forge Ltd., the Cummins India group, Eaton Fluid Power Ltd., Essar Steel Ltd. (Now Arcelor Mittal Nippon Steel India Ltd.), Hindalco Industries Ltd., Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., John Deere India Pvt. Ltd., the Kirloskar group, the Larsen and Tubro group, the Mahindra and Mahindra group, Mercedes Benz India Ltd., and the Tata Motors group have chosen Panchsheel as their preferred filtration partner.



Customized Solutions

The company doesn’t believe in “one size fits all’. It delves deep, understanding all aspects of the challenge before providing solutions. The practice at Panchsheel is to custom design everything from scratch - the housings as well as filters. 

Speed and Affordability

Cumbersome, unwieldy, imported items have been cleverly substituted with very low-cost, ready stock items with better performance. Imported filters are expensive, need a high lead time, and have minimum order quantities. Hence, large inventories are needed to safeguard against downtime and to avoid emergencies. Panchsheel maintains an inventory of standard, regularly consumed items, leading to a lower ETA in terms of delivery of filters and eliminating the need for large inventories on the client’s side. There have been instances where Panchsheel has manufactured and supplied filters in less than two hours.

Complete Transparency

Panchsheel does not recommend any product unless it is required or adds value. In fact, sometimes solutions that avoid the use of unnecessary filters or related equipment have been offered. Customers have remained loyal to Panchsheel for its technical superiority, competitive pricing, and straightforward, truthful communication, which is a rarity in any business. This has ensured long-term relationships, some as old as 30+ years. Prioritizing user experience over brand building, Panchsheel registered its trademark after 25 years of building its “brand value.”



Panchsheel experts visit the site and get to the root cause of the problem, then customise a solution that eliminates the problem from its root in the shortest possible time. Everything that Panchsheel does is backed by technical substantiation. The in-house lab is equipped to study all the properties of available media like air permeability, water permeability, pore size, resistance to flow, its strength and suitability, etc. If the existing medium is not available, it is replaced with the nearest available superior medium. In case this is not feasible, the original filters are retained to ensure results, and large-sized pre-filters are added to reduce costs. The objective, at all times, is to achieve satisfactory results at the lowest possible cost.


The in-house lab plays a vital role in the development of new designs and customizations, and testing of prototypes to ensure that the desired level of filtration is met. It is also used to monitor the performance of filters already supplied by Panchsheel. R & D is ready to cater to any application. The products match or better the performance and are also cost-effective when compared with the original or imported products.

Product Traceability

Records are maintained at every level of everything that goes into all that Panchsheel manufactures. This helps in tracing the product details right up to its source material in the event of any unforeseen challenge that may arise. Drawings are made for each and every item. This, along with the documentary evidence, ensures an identical supply for every lot.

The people behind Panchsheel

Dr. Pancharatnam

Dr. Pancharatnam graduated in Chemical Engineering from IIT Powai followed by a MS from The University of California Berkeley, and then with a PhD from Stanford University in 1980. He has 40 + years of experience in chemical and filtration industry and started Panchsheel Filters with a deep rooted belief in “Truth, Best supply and service, Customer satisfaction at all cost, Minimum profit motive, Innovative approach.” His hands-on approach and focus has remained unchanged through the years - Focus on shop floor maintenance, and delivery of best performance within the given target cost. He believes in exploring all options and quick turnaround and fast delivery, and even includes new additions to minimize overall cost. A researcher at heart, he was amongst the pioneers who indigenized filtration products in India to overcome limitations of performance, and at times even replacing the imported originals.

Nikhil Bafana

Nikhil Bafana is a Pune University alumni with a BE in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked with various MNCs across the globe in countries like US, Japan and other leading European and Asian countries for over 20 + years. This vast experience in meeting customer expectations has led to a belief of adding value through honesty and transparency. This, he believes, has been and is the key to long lasting relationship with all the stake holders of Panchsheel Filters.

Akshay Bafana

Akshay Bafana graduated with a BSc Chemistry from Pune University and followed with an MBA Finance from Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Mumbai. Curious by nature with 13+ years of experience in industry he has explored various industries, including banking before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship with Panchsheel. He brings the much needed flexibility in accommodating customer requirements by offering customized solutions to the customers. He believes in collaborative approach and exceeding expectations.



When there’s an inquiry, a technical team physically visits the site to assess the plant’s specific requirement. After a thorough internal discussion, an initial proposal is sent. Alterations are made to accommodate the feedback, following which a prototype is made with proof of performance. The final proposal elicits a PO and production begins. Panchsheel supplies filters, monitors performance, makes changes if needed, and regularises the supply.

1. Replace filters in the existing systems without changing the system.
2. Replace filters and modify the systems without impacting the application process.
3. Add a parallel system in addition to the existing system without causing any hindrance to the process to improve results and reduce the load on the system.

The state-of-the-art research and development also help the company in offering an array of services like designing filters and filtration systems, consultation for improvements and monitoring filtration of fluids, and testing of contamination in liquids and components.