Exhaust Mist Separator Units

Most CNC machines today are enclosed to avoid mist and reduce risk on the shop floor. While exhaust blowers are used additionally to increase visibility, it is essential to separate the mist before letting the air into the working area. The mist composed of water, coolants, or oil needs to be trapped by appropriate media like crimp mesh, foam, felt, etc. To prevent pressure build-up and restriction to airflow, the media must rapidly settle the mist and continuously drain it. Media should be washed periodically for better performance. Pre-filtration of fine solids could be needed to avoid permanent clogging of the media. Filtration down to 25–50 microns is usually adequate, the exception being fine fumes from light oil and fine high-pressure spray, where a 5-micron level is required. An inline cooler can be added for heat loads.

In the case of hot air and steam from washing machines, a condenser with a cooling water supply is required to eliminate the steam and remove oil droplets and solid dirt.

In the case of totally dry grinding, a cyclonic chamber and a bag filter are required.




The simplest and lowest-cost option is to scrub the air with a water spray. This water is recirculated after separating oil and dirt. Cooling can be provided if needed. Dirty water goes to the ETP. The unit consists of a scrubbing column, water tank, water pump, blower, and ducting.

This is suitable for all uses—coolant, oil, dust, paint mist, forging, plasma cutting fumes, etc.

ModelOverall SizeCapacity (CMH)Blower/Pump
WSC-1200 lit, 20”x 3 m750 (4” line)1.0 HP/ 0.50 HP
WSC-2500 lit, 30”x 3 m1500 (6” line)1.5 HP /0.75 HP
WSC-3     1000 lit, 40”x 4 m3000 (10” line)3 HP/ 1.0   HP
WSC-4     2000 lit, 60”x 4 m7500 (15” line)7.5 HP /1.5   HP


In some cases, wet scrubbers are replaced by dry mist separators. While these are usually supplied with the main machine, its performance is usually not satisfactory due to their small size, low-pressure axial fan, and media used without draining. We have developed large, low-cost units of much superior design, with a choice of eight media of different porosity, ∆P, and washability. The unit consists of three stages: The first 2 sections coalesce the fine mist into droplets, which are trapped and drained out continuously. The third section of disposable media filters out residual fines; partial settling is also done to get a long life of media and a low-pressure drop. For fine, dry fumes, stage 3 can be superfine with MG media, if required. An additional SS mesh panel is provided for the filtration of any solids that may enter the system with the air.

Additional blowers (centrifugal, high-pressure), flexible ducting, etc. can be supplied if required.

ModelOverall SizeCapacity (CMH)Blower
EMS-1470x470x630800 (4” line)0.75 HP
EMS-2620x620x730  1500 (6” line)1 HP
EMS-3820x820x9803000 (8-10” line)2 HP