Portable Filtration Units

Liquids –

There are six models that can be used for oils, coolants, glycols, etc. with suitable elements. These heavy-duty, rugged units are capable of full flow-through filtration across a wide micron range and dirt levels. Though filtration is possible in a single pass, recirculation ensures complete cleaning. Vigorous circulation also removes all dirt accumulated at the tank bottom (not done by ELC). Regular use of these units keeps various machine oils sparkling clean, avoids disposal, and also reduces the consumption of the original small imported filters. These can then be made of washable stainless steel mesh in sizes of 25 or 50 microns. This is the lowest-cost, safest option without maintenance problems.

A typical use of 4–8 hours once a month can serve 25–50 machines. This is the ideal choice for the shop floor of the engineering industry. A comparison is given with other types. Target dirt level (w/o ELC) < 10 mg/lit, NAS < 7. (ELC can be used for further reduction if required.) Using a centrifugal pump and epoxy-coated housing, the unit can be used for aq, coolant, and other liquids.

Portable Oil Filter unit – Model 1 - 1 stage , Model 1D - 2 Stage

Portable Oil Filter unit - Model 2 - I Stage, Model 2D - II Stage

This is designed for 2 levels of filtration and can be used independently or in series. 2 housings as above, are dedicated to specific elements, to avoid changing elements in a single unit.

Portable Oil Filter unit - Model 3 - I Stage, Model 3D - II Stage

Dust Collection

Dust extraction and fine filtration is a necessity for dry grinding, cutting, and welding operations. A dust collection unit comprising a blower, filter, ducting, etc. Our unit is designed with a cyclonic chamber to knock out most of the dust, reducing the load on the collection bag and resulting in better efficiency at a much lower operating cost. The filter bag is also made extra-large for long life and smooth operation.   

Portable Dust Extractor + Collector Unit - Model -1